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Advanced Fact-Finding Techniques

The most important step of the sales process is the 'Fact-Find!' It's how you get your prospects emotionally involved in the sales process, and what makes them WANT to solve their problems right now!  It's how you establish immediate trust and competence with your prospects to build strong, lasting relationships!
6 hours of videos (3 DVD Set)
6 hours of audios (5CD set)
With Forms, Scripts, Questions and more (Text CD)
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Trusted Advisor Success Training - Videos/DVDs

If you want to set more appointments and close more sales, for annuities and life insurance, then you must learn how to become the Trusted Advisor in your local community to consistently attract the 'Right Prospects' to you! Then learn how to help your prospect to want to take action Right Now! This is a complete Marketing and Sales Skills training course.

Over 11 Hours Of Video
(6 DVD Set)
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The Great Mehdi's
Fast-Tract Sales Briefing

You'll Receive 4 Hours
of the legendary Mehdi Fakharzadeh's Briefings...
Plus a Q&A Session. 
(Video - DVDs)
His fast-track sales briefings are always presented to standing-room-only
audiences and have become near legendary within the insurance world.
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Kinder Bothers International

We have had the privilege of teaching tens of thousands of sales and sales management professionals how to experience lasting success by building confidence through competence. Instructional DVDs designed to help the Sales Professional build their confidence.


MDRT Power Center

(Million Dollar Round Table)

The MDRT Power Center has the industry's most comprehensive inventory of resources that support your prestige,  personal growth and professional growth. Uncommon Goals Require Uncommon Resources!

Big Producer was developed by financial and marketing experts to provide business-building tools for financial advisors. The goal of our site is to become a "One stop shopping" portal for marketing materials, news, and education for financial advisors


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