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Life Insurance IMO's, RGA's and MGA's
Finding a good IMO, FMO, RGA or MGA that actually provides real support for independent agents is not easy.  Most of them will promise you the world and will rarely deliver on their promises.  Here is a list of who we feel are the better organizations.

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Randy Murray
, Mr. Life Insurance, Creator of  the 'Murray System', The Co-Founder and Board Member of the...
'American Institute for Life Insurance Marketing'
(877) 250-4428
Term Life Insurance)
Independent Agents
Insurance Group

We Are Looking For Partners. We are a Full Service Life Insurance Marketing and Sales Organization, Providing Agents With All The Tools They Need To Help Families To Live Debt Free And Truly Wealthy
Based on the 'Found Money Management' Concept!
Call us Toll Free @
(877) 297-4608
Jeremy Nason
(LI, Annuity, DI & LTCI)
Creative Marketing
Founded in 1984, Creative Marketing has grown to become one of the foremost annuity and life marketing organizations in the United States. We believe our good fortune is based on the vision we share with our brokers and agents that a relationship of trust, built on service, is essential to our mutual success. Call 800-992-2642 and take your annuity and life sales to the next level!
(LI, Annuity, DI, LTCI & More)
  Index Marketing Group
#1 Marketer of Indexed Life and Annuities.
Top Commissions.
Core Company is Aviva Life and Annuity. Call 800-546-9968 for more information...
Tim & Kevin Smith
(LI, Annuity & DI) 

The Leading Life Insurance Marketing, Prospecting and Sales System


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